BraneCell migrates your classical IT challenges to solutions on our C2Q™ Platform

We develop software/algorithm solutions for our clients. These service solutions are either optimized for the BraneCell (1) patented quantum workstation processes or (2) quantum-hardware-agnostic solutions applied via in-the-cloud or on-premise simulators.

About The Platform

  • BraneCell is a quantum processing hardware company with patented technology for moderate-temperature quantum computing
  • Additionally, to get-to-know customer needs, obtain revenue and master business cases we provide quantum software services
  • Our quantum software/algorithms and decentralized hardware design are made more effective by our team’s knowledge of industrially significant business cases
  • The BraneCell “Our Team” page shows the career bios of the “BraneCells”, indicating expert capability in renewable energy, chemical production, Oil & Gas, exploration, smart cities, batteries, OLED materials, semiconductors, catalysis, ab initio molecular modeling, USA defense, process engineering modeling, financial technology, banking, IT, AR, educational technology, solar power, applied materials, new vehicles (fuel cell, electric, warehouse robots), biosensors, IoT, pharmaceutical science, and more.
  • The BraneCell “Our Team” page shows we have international business experience, traveling and meeting clients in the Pacific Rim, SEA, India, MENA, EU, SSA, South America and North America.
  • We work with you to examine your problem, tailor public-available algorithms or design algorithms/solutions
  • The developed quantum algorithms are tested and proven on quantum simulators or quantum cloud devices
  • The aim is to eventually have your solution on-site using a BraneCell decentralized Q-HPCTM
    Decentralized Q-HPCTM means for you: more privacy, more IT security, more conrol for the owner
  • The BraneCell Platform will provide unique solutions based on our decentralized Q-HPCTM, for example, an Industrial Cyber Immune System and/or Digital Twin, which is made more powerful by on-premises, Q-HPCTM
    “Please inquire today about doing a reference project together, we are open to many engagement methods”

Distributed Quantum Information Processing Use Cases


Stock Market Forecasting (e.g., SVM, SOFM, Boltzmann machines)
Arbitrage Finding
Reducing Slippage
Energy Efficient Proof-of-Work Cryptocurrencies
Swap netting
Risk  Modeling  
Option  Pricing  
Portfolio  Optimization  
Fraud  Detecting


Monte Carlo and Finite Elements
Process Engineering Computation
Computational-Fault-Finding (e.g. automated production lines)
Edge computing on-board (autonomous vehicles and aerospace)
Design and Development


Power Micro-grid Optimization
Photovoltaic Materials
Geological Mapping
Refinery Processes
Catalyst Modeling


Protein modeling
ab-initio Drug Discovery
Genomic Calculations
Big Data


Quantum random number generator (QRNG)
Micro-grid resilience
Algorithm Development for the Quantum Era


Smart Cities
Urban Planning