CO2-Free Hydrogen Production
via Computational Modeling

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BraneCell used computational modeling to find and patent-apply for a revolutionary CO2-emission-free H2 production process, as a basis for the circular economy. We now offer a report on these findings. World experts on steam methane reforming and water electrolysis have checked these extraordinary results and agree. Better economics than wind-driven PEM electrolysis, our modeling has searched the chemistry-technoeconomic thermodynamic space and came-up with a solution that could decreasee world-wide CO2 production by > 2.5%, when implemented…and more, when fuel cell vehicles are introduced and green hydrogen is used in refineries. The report contains original results, prior to publishing and a comparison to other H2 generation technologies & markets. We will not publish these results in the scientific literature until 18 months from now. By purchase, you get a preview of the patent. Includes a phone call with the inventing team.

Inquire at; +1 857 529 7151. Or buy directly via Paypal (but please communicate via email upon purchase).