Dr. Christopher Papile,
Founder and CEO,
BraneCell, LLC

Co-started Arthur D. Little spin-off: Nuvera Fuel Cells
Co-started Novartis spin-off: Solvias AG
Led global renewable solutions task force at ThyssenKrupp, including utility-scale batteries

-WO200066487 Led R&D Fuel Cell vehicle materials and Nuvera products.
-WO2018200278 Led R&D team for development of polycarbonate catalyst material for > 40 % of $ 25 Billion market at ExxonMobil/Technip licensing joint venture..
-WO2017216272 Renewable PVC for #1 PVC company
-US 9607271 Isothermal quantum computing apparatus and materials.

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Prof. Helmut Knözinger) &
USA Center Catalytic Science and Technology (Prof. Bruce Gates)
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering dissertation on synthesis of atomic-structured transition metals, interaction with infrared and synchrotron light induced /backscattered spherical waves.