Dr. Papile wins award in KSA

Dr. Papile wins award in KSA
April 2019
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IQT, The Hague, Netherlands
29/30 October 2019
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Allegheny Science & Technologies Vice President Dr. Jesse Goellner and BraneCell’s CEO, Dr. Chris Papile will again discuss quantum computing a pplications in a new Podcast that are helpful to the USA market place, government services and defense.


Dr. Chris Papile

  • Led the development of high-efficiency polycarbonate monomer (for 100s of kilotons/year deployment) and inventor of patented renewable polyvinyl chloride for the world’s leading PVC technology provider.
  • Co-started (an original management team member) Epyx Fuel Cells, a spin-off company from Arthur D. Little, Inc. that became today’s successful Nuvera Fuel Cells.
  • Led (as North American GM) the successful start-up of a 100-professional Novartis spin-off in molecular synthesis, pharmaceutical science and polymorphism.
  • Obtained patents (granted national phase and USPTO, PCT and provisional) for qubit materials, cooling devices, structured surface science and 3D materials, manufacturing processes, ionic liquids and magnetically susceptible material processes; peer-reviewed journal articles (surface science, transition metal chemistry, synchrotron light induced-and-backscattered spherical waves, cylindrical internal reflectance infrared…); and numerous international scientific presentations.

Dr. Jesse Goellner

  • VP of Advanced Technology Development Business Unit at Allegheny Science & Technology.
  • Previously a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton’s energy practice leading resiliency, infrastructure, industrial control systems, and advanced energy technology support to the US Department of Defense, D.O.E., and commercial clients.
  • A leader at Powercast for wireless power receivers of electromagnetic waves and at Capital Technologies International he contributed to the technology and business for renewable fuels and chemical technology.
  • Early in his career, he was a Senior Research Engineer at ExxonMobil gaining industrially significant materials and industrial process development experience.
  • Dr. Goellner earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis with visiting scholar appointments at the Technical University, Munich and Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. He researched fundamental nanomaterial synthesis techniques