Allegheny Science & Technologies Vice President Dr. Jesse Goellner and BraneCell’s CEO, Dr. Chris Papile will discuss quantum computing applications in a Podcast that are helpful to the USA market place, government services and defense.  Please check back for the day/time.   Questions may be sent in advance on the BraneCell Contact Us message page or by email.


Dr. Chris Papile

  • Led the development of high-efficiency polycarbonate monomer (for 100s of kilotons/year deployment) and inventor of patented renewable polyvinyl chloride for the world’s leading PVC technology provider.
  • Co-started (an original management team member) Epyx Fuel Cells, a spin-off company from Arthur D. Little, Inc. that became today’s successful Nuvera Fuel Cells.
  • Led (as North American GM) the successful start-up of a 100-professional Novartis spin-off in molecular synthesis, pharmaceutical science and polymorphism.
  • Obtained patents (granted national phase and USPTO, PCT and provisional) for qubit materials, cooling devices, structured surface science and 3D materials, manufacturing processes, ionic liquids and magnetically susceptible material processes; peer-reviewed journal articles (surface science, transition metal chemistry, synchrotron light induced-and-backscattered spherical waves, cylindrical internal reflectance infrared…); and numerous international scientific presentations.

Dr. Jesse Goellner

  • VP of Advanced Technology Development Business Unit at Allegheny Science & Technology.
  • Previously a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton’s energy practice leading resiliency, infrastructure, industrial control systems, and advanced energy technology support to the US Department of Defense, D.O.E., and commercial clients.
  • A leader at Powercast for wireless power receivers of electromagnetic waves and at Capital Technologies International he contributed to the technology and business for renewable fuels and chemical technology.
  • Early in his career, he was a Senior Research Engineer at ExxonMobil gaining industrially significant materials and industrial process development experience.
  • Dr. Goellner earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis with visiting scholar appointments at the Technical University, Munich and Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. He researched fundamental nanomaterial synthesis techniques



MAY 30, 2018


Dr. Bongani Nkosi


16:00-17:00 CET – Ambient Quantum Phenomena

17:00-17:45 CET – Q&A

Private questions will be addressed off-line after the webinar.

Speakers: Dr. Bongani Nkosi and Dr. Christopher Papile

Dr. Nkosi is leading aspects of BraneCell Systems nanomaterial R&D. He was former Chief Scientist at a 20 Billion USD/year multi-national company; and through his scientific career accomplishments, he became world-recognized for his nanomaterials synthesis and characterization R&D, as well as, leading an industrial molecular modeling department.


  • Dr. Papile and Dr. Nkosi will describe interesting aspects of naturally occurring quantum coherence.
  • Quantum epistelogy.
  • Description of some important aspects of the patents granted to BraneCell Systems.
  • Applications of quantum computing in renewable energy systems.
  • Q&A

A big thank you to all the webinar attendees.


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