Competition must offer remote quantum cloud services— that are not client-private and away from the action—yet the product must offer competitive edge on the edge. 

They are stuck because:

  • Ultra-low temperature (highly sensitive device).
  • Special cloistered spaces for their equipment.
  • Allows error move from room temperature to ultra-cold qubits.
  • High cost of equipment, as if, a physics lab experiment.

BraneCell has a room temperature, nano-engineered, design-for-manufacture
qubit array approach, aimed at portable quantum coprocessors products.
New Patent Applications (scalable entanglement).
Our Intellectual property assets include, 2 granted patents:
US 9,607,271 Isothermal quantum computing apparatus and materials
US 9,231,707 Methods and materials for integer quantum computing

Our IP uses neutral atom qubit methods in 3D qubit arrays in a decoherence-free, moderate-temperature subspace