We are building a new quantum processing unit (QPU), which is core to our decentralized quantum computing hardware, addressing the inherent limitations of cryogenic, quantum cloud systems.

Scalable Technology

Our unitary-environment system reduces qubit error, enables the multiplication of qubits and widens their applications. Dual-temperature systems inherently limit the number and quality of qubits.

Sustainable Operation

Our qubit mechanism lowers the cost of operation and reduces the environmental impact by using readily-available resources and by decreasing the energy needed to operate.

Decentralized Quantum Information Processing

Our quantum information processors will exploit economies-of-scale to reach more users.  In contrast, cryogenic mainframes require cloistered space and extensive edge transmission, decreasing availability and applications.

Three-Dimensional Architecture

Our three-dimensionally stacked circuit architecture enables holistic entanglement in a smaller micro-processor footprint. The patented nano-scale array brings the qubits closer together without interference.

BraneCell’s photonic qubit system miniaturizes quantum processors (QPU) by 10,000 times, enables the QPU to seamlessly teleport data and incapacitates Trojan photons for unconditionally secure (non-key) communication.  BraneCell has validated interest in quantum edge applications for US Defense, Fintech and Solar/wind-driven green hydrogen plants (already have a pre-product and client interest).  The team has yielded granted and applied patents on supramolecular qubits and have a design for an industry-leading all-photonic quantum repeater.